What’s up?

I honestly have no excuse for not writing recently. I’m pretty sure my hiatus stemmed from my anxiety from the approaching tornado anniversary/just my severe anxiety and depression.

So a little life update. I survived the one year anniversary of the tornado that devastated my college campus. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day, but I got through it just fine. I spent the whole day with people that I care about, and I spent time with my cat. I mention my cat because when the tornado happened I thought of him immediately. I didn’t want anything to happen to me because I wanted to be there for him. (I know, sappy cat mom moment)

I also have a boyfriend now!! I’ve talked about him before in previous posts. He makes me so happy, and he makes me feel so safe. I’m able to be my complete self without being an annoyance to him, and I just can finally say that I am finally genuinely happy!

I’ve been working like a mad woman the past few weeks. This is also probably why I haven’t posted. Anytime off I’ve had it’s been spent sleeping, eating, or just trying to relax in some way. Last night I had a mini breakdown because I just became so overwhelmed with how much I’ve been working and how much free time I just don’t have anymore. Part of me thinks that I can just stay up all night to catch up on everything, but why would I do that? I need my rest in order for me to be my best self. I’m about to start back at school at the end of February and just thinking about everything that I have to do before May, I had a breakdown. I become overwhelmed so easily and my anxiety likes to take over. I got scared that I’m not going to have time to do everything. But I’ve just come to terms with having to just figure things out as I go.

This isn’t a long post because I wanted to mainly just update, but I promise I will be posting more now because I feel so awful for abusing this site. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow and I apologize for not being my best recently.

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