The Joy in Happiness

Today was a happy day. I enjoyed pretty much every single moment of today. At the end of the day I had a little time to just sit down and think about how being happy really affects us.

I took time today to enjoy the small things. Quiet time. Subtle hand touches. Hugs that reassure you that’s you’re okay. Laughter with friends. Love.

All of these things can be so easily taken for granted. We go about our days normally doing these things and thinking they’re just normal. But to other people is not normal. And for some it’s desired.

The mother that takes care of the crying child while dinner is on the stove. She wants quiet. The customer service worker that tends to your every need but gets not even a “thank you” in return. They want quiet.

The girl that was touched inappropriately and now forever has a permanent mental scar. She wants to feel normal and not scared of any physical touch. The boy that was assaulted and now feels like he’s no longer masculine because he’s insecure about his body. He wants to live freely from social norms.

The people that live their lives too scared to approach someone that has a similar interest. The yearn to make friends that understand their quirks. The person that suffers daily to get out of bed because depression is slowly winning. They want to genuinely laugh with their friends instead of dissociating.

The person that’s scared of love because it has crossed them so many times and it has broken them so many times. They want to love freely.

I can’t sit here and tell you to just do any of this stuff because I myself do understand that it’s not that easy. It’s not easy to just find quiet time for yourself. It’s not easy to open up to someone after you’ve been hurt so many times. It’s not easy to love.

But when you’re ready, you’ll find yourself again. You will set yourself free when you’re ready. It will be hard as hell to get to that point in your life, but believe me, it will be worth it. Sometimes you’ll take that chance and it’ll hurt you again, but then sometimes you’ll take a chance and you will feel as if you’re walking on air.

I’m not a doctor and I can’t give you Legit advice on how to conquer your demons, but I can tell you my experience with taking myself back. If you’re down, talk. Don’t hold it in because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s to talk. I was so scared to let my voice be heard because so many men have told me that what I said was t important. But I learned that they’re in the wrong. Anyone who tries to silence you is scared of you and what you have to say. Anyone who belittles anything that comes out of your mouth, they’re only doing it because they have their own insecurities. Be strong enough to realize you don’t need these people in your life. Walk away from them. Show them that you bloom when they’re not present. Be you. Be happy.

What made you smile today?

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