It’s Okay To Have A Bad Day

Today’s post is probably going to be short and sweet. I woke up this morning not feeling the best. When I finished washing my face and everything I started to put my contacts in. They refused to stay in my eyes. I’m guessing the cold dried my eyes out so much that contacts ere just not going to happen today. This out me in a bad mood because when I have a day at work I do not like wearing my glasses. They just start to feel really heavy on my face and I start to get headaches.

From this morning on I just did not have the greatest day. I didn’t have time this morning to pack a lunch for work because I was dealing with my contacts so or my break I just didn’t eat. This also added to the headache I was starting to get with wearing my glasses. Then, I realized that I am just having a bad day.

Sometimes you just have those days where nothing can seem to go right. Everything you do is wrong. I also hurt my foot earlier because a customer at work wouldn’t move out of the way when I was walking past with a stack of books. Did I complain? To myself, yes. To the customer, no. She asked if I was okay, and I simply told her I was fine and that it wasn’t her fault. Which brings me to my next point.

So often do we get hurt by things and just reply with a “I’m okay” even though that’s not the case. My foot hurt so bad from slamming it into the bookshelf, but I didn’t want the customer to worry about me because I’m not her responsibility. But so often nowadays we don’t want others to take care of us. We are so prideful and scared to let someone know what’s wrong that we shrug it off with “I’m okay.”

I’ve started to realize that there’s people in my life that want to take care of me. They want to make sure that I am okay, and even strangers want to know if you are okay. The other day when I got the news of Jonghyun taking his life, I was very much not okay. You could tell that something had happened to me. I wasn’t as positive as I always am. I didn’t smile at everybody I made eye contact with. I was just kind of existing. Then, a man came to my register and said, “You’re either really tired, or something has happened.” I simply replied back to him, “I got some news today about a friend that wasn’t the best.” He told me he was sorry to hear that and the he really hoped that my day would get better, and he told me he hoped that whatever the situation was that it would get figured out.

I started getting really emotional about this stranger wishing me a good day when it felt like the sun would never shine again. So often so we just assume that the human beings around us are vile and stupid, but if we took a second to listen to those around us we would realize that everyone is dealing with something. It ma not be something that you relate too, but it’s something that you can empathize with. We as human being need to learn what empathy is, and we need to practice it more. We coldly turn away from people because we just don’t want to deal with them, but maybe that person just needs someone to talk to. I urge everyone to reach out for help if you ever need it. Tell people when you’re upset, and let them know that it’s just not your day. If you don’t let them know then it’s not their fault for ignoring you.

Even though I didn’t have the greatest day today, I did do really well at work. I pushed through my bad day and made it worth something. The best part of my day was knowing that my boss appreciates everything I do even on my off days. You can have a bad day, but it’s not a bad life. I’ve heard that saying so much and it’s honestly true. So often do we think that a bad day is just the end of the world, but pick your head up and realize that bad days are lessons. Learn to be more proactive in what you do, don’t let the small things get you down, and hope that tomorrow will be your light at the end of the tunnel.

What made you smile today/what helped you make it through the day?

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